Contributions to this issue reflect the diverse research practices at the University of Westminster. The launch of Hyphen Journal #01 coincides with the Hyphen Exposition on 22-27 March 2019 at Ambika P3, Marylebone Campus. 

Broadcasting, Language and Schools“, (2019)
Steven Barclay, CAMRI

As I sit down to write a monsoon story without cloud bands – some mucus, confrontation and sadness.“, (2019)
Harshavardhan Seetharama Bhat, Monsoon Assemblages project

Men leaving port at night and the light they carry“, (2018/19)
Gilbert Calleja, CREAM

Signalling – at the molecular level“, (2018/19)
Monika Jaeckel, CREAM

Re-Visioning the aftermath of Communism“, (2019)
Reka Komoli, CREAM

The connotation of music and identity of indigenous people in Taiwan“, (2019)
Guo-ting Lin, CAMRI

Recalibrating Vision in the Rainforest“, (2019)
Pablo Mollenhauer / Alejandra Pérez, CREAM

Kahvehane Kongresspark“, (2016)
Deniz Sözen, CREAM Alumni

Sweat, data and liquid assets:the working body on the digital assembly line “, (2019)
Superconductr by Matthias Kispert, CREAM

Falling“, (2017)
Cecilia Zoppeletto, CREAM