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Submission guidelines, style guide, and author responsibilities

A. Submitting your contribution

We have a twice-yearly call for contributions and a rolling deadline for responses to already published works and issues. For each call we invite the submission of an abstract proposal followed by finished works and articles.

The deadline for submission of final contributions for Issue 1 of Hyphen has been extended to 16 January 2018.
(For Issue 2 we will be sending out a call for abstracts in April/May 2019).

All submissions (abstracts, final and responses) should be sent to: submissions. If you wish to discuss your submission or have any other enquiry, please contact the editorial team.

Your submissions

Our editorial process

All submissions are considered by the Hyphen editorial team. A submission may be rejected, accepted, or accepted provided suggested changes are made to the work. We work closely with all accepted contributors, supporting the production of experimental and media-rich work. Two editors provide jointly authored comments to accepted and finalised contributions. Contributors are given access to a final online version of their work after editing but before the launch of the issue.

Placement of images and media within the text

If images, sound, or video files are integrated within a text, please insert the following words, with your appropriate file name, on a separate line and in square brackets: [Insert file name here].

How to send your media files

A. Submitting your contribution
B. Style guide
C. Responsibilities of authors