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Iwona Abrams

Presented works are selected from my recent project exploring the ephemeral and entropic properties of melting ice as a means of production of unique and variable print outcomes.

Andreia Alves De Oliveira

Foyer is a site-specific installation that brings together the outcome of my previous research about the space of the office

Estéfani Bouza

∞ (2017-ongoing) is an autobiographical project that begins with the physical hole left after the 1994 demolition of my birthplace

Gilbert Calleja

This short essay-film brings together some of the most significant assets gathered during my five-year involvement with a fishing boat in Malta,

George Clark

Diarios is a reading of 24 entries selected from the diaries of Raul Ruiz (1941-2011)

Sue Goldschmidt

“Lilith By The Red Sea Carpet” is currently a work in progress, one of three installations exploring connections between ceramic art practice, critical theory and Aramaic incantation bowls.

Sunil Gupta

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalised “unnatural” sex between consenting adults in India was successfully challenged in 2018.

Monika Jaeckel

Collaborative Performance piece ‘at the molecular level’ including the amplified e-textiles by the interface designer Gabriela Guasti Rocha and her work INTUERI (2018).

Ana Janeiro

Ana Janeiro uses self-portraiture and performance photography in her artistic research.

Reka Komoli

Reka Komoli offers an innovative and complex photographic project that drills down into the psyche of post-communist Hungary.

David Leahy

Exhibition spaces have long been used for live performance.

Trenton Lee

“The Panopticon is a marvellous machine which, whatever use one may wish to put it to, produces homogeneous effects of power” (Foucault 1995).

Barbara Matas Moris

Barbara Matas Moris, is a London based video artist. She writes, shoots, edits and performs her works.

Camille Melissa

Visual representations of sex workers that appear throughout art history are well documented in the academic literature.

Jini Rawlings

Dear Child is a mixed media installation comprising 3 asynchronous video loops projected through 9 printed silk hangings.

Deniz Sözen

Trans Plantations (2018), a multi-part installation of cups/saucers and coffee beans cast in porcelain in combination with an audio-visual element,

Arne Sjögren

“Diving”, is a fictional narrative based on his family archives and interviews with family members, and how these stories intersect with national events.


superconductr is an artistic research project into conditions of on-demand labour distributed through digital platforms.

Jol Thomson

The audio-visual composition GVD | >c was filmed with/in Siberia’s ancient fresh water Lake Baikal during the deployment of the Gigaton Volume Detector (GVD)