Arne Sjögren’s ongoing work, Diving, is a fictional narrative based on his family archives and interviews with family members, and how these stories intersect with national events. Diving explores the ways in which a colonial Indian upbringing, especially her intimate bond with her ayah or nanny, has shaped the subsequent post-Independence life and relationships of an English woman. The events in the performance/film installation chart the trials of her personal and domestic relationships resulting from living in a post-colonial world whilst she is still being governed by an inner voice that cannot leave the vestiges of the past behind.
Arne Sjögren is a practice-based PhD Researcher at CREAM, University of Westminster. He works with multimedia to explore fictionalised interpretations of historical events derived from family interviews, archives and personal memories. His doctoral research looks at the spatial layering; temporal arrangements; and points of view afforded by the digital narratives arising from the hybrid assemblage of multimedia elements and live action.